Vi opdaterer denne hjemmeside – kom snart tilbage og læs nyt om vores Rotary Youth Exchange Roskilde Sommer Camp 2018

We are at the present updating this homepage – check back, we will soon be ready with an update on our Short Term Rotary Youth Exchange Roskilde Summer Camp 2018 :-)


The camp will take place from July 8th until July 21st. Already warming up on Facebook right now Roskilde Camp 18
The programme will be published soon, but get inspired on the Facebook page Roskilde Camp 15,  you will find a lot of photos from the camp witch took place in 2015

More than 2500 years of history of Roskilde is synonymous with the history of Denmark, dating back for the iron age through the age of the Vikings, up to modern time Denmark. The participants in this camp will experience a trip through history, how the Vikings lived, how they explored the world, how the Kings up through the middle ages resided in fashionable castles, and how Danish society has evolved into the modern democracy it is today.